The versatile egg – it’s just egg-cellent! With so many ways to enjoy them, we had to make a list of Eggs 11 Ways!

Some foods are an acquired taste. They’re odd, smelly, and just sound odd. Explore these 9 foods with an acquired taste.

Croutons don’t just belong on salad. This versatile little food addition creates texture and flavor in some of the most exceptional foods.

Some people prefer only a few pizza toppings, but others like several kinds. Would you believe that the world record for the most different kinds of pizza toppings is 27?

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As important as beer is today, imagine just how important beer supplies were back-in-the-day when stumbling through your barley field revealed great wealth.

Historians believe that eggnog came from medieval Britain. The Brits called this hot, milky, ale-like drink “posset.”

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