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  • March 13 is National Dermatologist Day on the National Day Calendar and we honor Board-Certified Dermatologists as the saviors of our skin, our largest organ! Throughout the day, we’ll pay special recognition to our dermatologists who are on a mission to help their patients achieve healthy …Continue reading
  • Horror movies are freaky and their scare factor increases when we imagine 8 Freaky Faces! Since the invention of the movie, horror films have graced the silver screen. They feed our fascination with the macabre and draw from classic authors such as Edgar Allen Poe and Robert Louis Stevenson among …Continue reading
  • 9 Fun Outdoor Winter Activities – Some have said that the best activity to do in the winter is to go back inside. This might be true if it’s windy and the temperature is well below zero. However, when the weather is not life-threatening, it’s good to get outside in the winter to enjoy the […]
  • We know you like to Celebrate Every Day, and every celebration needs some good deals. So, we find them and keep adding them to the growing list. They keep changing so check back often. Do you have a deal to add to the list? Contact us and we will get it added! MDF Instruments has been …Continue […]
  • The second full week in September celebrates National Compassionate Leadership Week to create a more compassionate world. Our lives are unpredictable because of constant disruption in our daily routines. As we shuffle our family life with our professional life, we often feel overwhelmed and …Continue reading